The stories & makers

A frame narrative 

The Kraken will lead you through a magical underwater world, filled with stories. 

Scenario: Margriet Westerhof

Animation: Margriet Westerhof & Pauline Los

Sound: David de Jong & Tristan Visser


360 degree experience:

The origins of the Wadden area (virtual reality)

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Animation: Maarten Isaäk de Heer

Sound: Matthijs van der Veer


 A sea princess is enchanted by a man on the beach. But danger lurks, when burning desires emerge. 

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Animation: Pauline Los 

Sound: Robert van der Tol


The sea god Ekke Nekkepenn has his eye on a beautiful girl from the island Sylt. He tries to win her over, by tricking her.
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Animation: Anne Breymann 

Sound: Michał Krajczok 

The revenge of the seven mermaids

When his ship is in distress, Jurk Jensen promises the mermaids that he will be true to the sea forever, as long as he is saved...

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Animation: René Adema 

Sound : Sanam Tahmasebi


Welcome to “Impossible Dates,” a dating show in which we try to find a match for candidates with highly unusual dating preferences…
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Scenario, director & sound: Christiaan Coenraads

Illustration: Marijke Klompmaker

The herring

There was a time when herring practically swam straight into the islanders’ mouths. But some things in life can become too easy. 

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Animation: Christa Moesker

Music : Arnold Veeman
Sound: Matthijs van der Veer

 Mermaid in the river Weser

Fishermen catch a mermaid who has lost her way and take her back to their village. They ignore the mermaid’s warnings.  

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Animation: Ceylan Beyoğlu 

Sound : Nils Kacirek

Drowned villages

Drowned cities and villages become a magical place to live for underwater life.

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Animation: Matthias Daenschel

Sound: Max Knoth 

The Mermaid

A woman from the sea and a man from land manage to live together in the end. Do fairytales really happen?
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Animation: Margriet Westerhof 

Sound: Matthijs van der Veer 


A mysterious snake settles on the bottom of the sea and upsets the sea creatures: what kind of monster is this? 
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Director: Christen Bach

Music/composers: Elia Rediger & Christen Bach

Musical arrangement: Elia Rediger

Written by: Elia Rediger & Christen Bach

3D installation

The films can be seen in a 3D installation, which consists of abstract shell shapes.

Design & build: Studio Peter Musschenga

graphic DESIGN

Peter Boersma 


Research and concept - Pauline Los


 Artistic director and concept - Margriet Westerhof 


Business director - Liefke Knol

Advise - Tia van der Velde

Translation English  - Carol van Gelder

Translation German  - Kordelia Nitsch