The great connection

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Director: Christen Bach

 Music/composition: Elia Rediger & Christen Bach

Musical arrangement: Elia Rediger

Written by: Elia Rediger & Christen Bach

the story

A mysterious snake settles on the bottom of the sea and upsets the sea creatures: what kind of monster is this? 

Based on a story of Hans Christian Andersen.

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Toestemmen & tonen

the makers:

Christen bach & elia rediger

In the 'The Great Connection' we set out to create a small underwater musical/operetta dealing with the first encounter between the mythological creatures of the sea and the Information Superhighway. It is a loose reinterpretation of an old HC Andersen story where the ocean wildlife is wondering about a new telegraph cable appearing at the seabed. We reworked the material to be a more contemporary philosophical musing on human connection through mythology vs the digital communication age.

And the creatures asks themselves:

Is this the future? Or will the teeth of this thing cause nothing but tears? 

In future and past we are all connected...