mermaid in the river Weser

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Animation: Ceylan Beyoğlu 

Sound : Nils Kacirek


In the mythological story „Meerjungfrau in der Weser“, some greedy fishermen catch a mermaid and despite her warnings of an upcoming storm, they drag her into the village, instead of releasing her back to the sea.

As a result of their ignorance, the sea takes revenge by flooding the village. Humans have destroyed their habitat by their decisions while nature will recover.

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Toestemmen & tonen

the makers:

Ceylan Beyoğlu & Nils Kacirek

We read this story as a parable of our current relationship with nature, to which we should show respect and listen to its warnings. This important message was our motivation and starting point for shaping the story of „Meerjungfrau in der Weser“.


For the visuals, we took inspiration from the old dutch ink drawings. For the score we mixed northern folk music elements with the emotional chanting of the mermaid.