the story

De Kraak begins with a 360° experience that demonstrates how the Wadden area was formed, in chronological order.

During this experience we will make large leaps in time. We’ll leave the latest ice age behind us and see how a steppe landscape emerged that was constantly flooded by the tide. One step ahead in time, we’ll see the first settlers on terps (artificial dwelling mounds), a thin moon rainbow in the night sky, the first dikes breaking during a storm surge, and tornadoes and other natural phenomena that were considered bad omens by superstitious folk.

the maker:

Maarten Isaäk de Heer

We wanted to demonstrate how dramatic and powerful the changes in the landscape were over such a long period of time. Viewers get to step into the past and become part of history though a 360° video that is accompanied by audio and film music composed by Matthijs van der Veer. Visitors will get to enjoy an extraordinary experience.